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Basic Battery Isolation Using Solenoid

Posted in Automotive, Electronic Projects, Power on April 29, 2013 by brandon314

Dual Battery Isolater


Delta vs. Wye, A Beginners Guide

Posted in Infrastructure, Power on February 21, 2012 by brandon314

This is a good quick and easy guide for learning the differences between 3-phase power distribution prominent in the US.


MEP-006A Exciter Diodes

Posted in Electronic Projects, Infrastructure, Power on October 27, 2011 by brandon314

Here are the two diodes I selected to replace the failed ones in my MEP-006A Military 60kW generator.


You would need x3 of each and I recommend getting a spare if you aren’t familiar with proper torque and are prone to breaking studs off components. One is a reverse connection of the other (designed 1NxxxxR)



1N1190 / 1N1190R Data Sheets



Three of one type are on one side of the aluminium rectifier mount, and the other three are on the other side. Make sure you use plenty of thermal conduction grease when making the connection.

Generator Project Update

Posted in Automotive, Infrastructure, Power on March 9, 2011 by brandon314

The generator (MEP006A) had a power-off failure recently.

Upon investigating, found that the exciter had received some serious overcurrent (melted the soldered connections on the diodes on the exciter winding) as well as may have fried something inside the excitation module above (big green box).

Need to perform triage and figure out what happened…but hopefully have this back online soon.


Upgrades thus far:

  • Replaced Primary Fuel Filter with Dual Element Glass (like on John Deere Industrial)
  • Replaced Secondary Fuel Filter with Single Element Racor Spin-On
  • Changed Oil
  • Changed Oil Filters
  • Checked Valves
  • Rebuilt Injection Pump (had bad seals on shaft and rubber coupler…very common)
  • Replaced bad fuel lines
  • Cleaned Connections on Fuel Pumps (problem area)
  • Serviced Cooling System (CAT Long-Life Coolant 50/50)

I am also working on building a tandem axle trailer just for this unit. The axles/rough frame was donated by one of the family friends Tony. Removed the decking (rotten) and narrowed the axles/frame by 1.5ft and shortened it considerably. I purchased new bearing kits, two new drums, four electric brake backing plates, and two new tire/wheel combos. I also purchased some upgraded lighting (LED all around) and trailer connectors/etc.  I got all 24V compliant lighting so I can power basic proximity lighting on the generator while it is running on a job-site or parked precariously. It will have a new frame horn (heavy duty) and unless stolen, jacking points on all four corners. I would like to do locking cable/tool boxes to store various associated items.

That is all for now! More updates when I find out what let the smoke out.


MEP-006A Manuals

Posted in Infrastructure, Manuals, Power with tags , , , , , on May 6, 2010 by brandon314

Posting these up so I can get my hands on them easily…and if anyone else happens to need them.


TM 9-6115-648-14&p

TM 9-6115-545-24p

TM 5-6115-629-14&p

TM 5-6115-545-34

TM 5-6115-545-12-HR

TM 5-6115-545-12

MEP-006A Generator iz Mine!

Posted in Automotive, Infrastructure, Power with tags , , , , on May 6, 2010 by brandon314

Well bit the bullet and purchased a MEP006A ex-military generator. Waiting on paperwork to go actually pick it up but from the photo’s and my dad’s inspection…should be a pretty nice unit!


Posted in Infrastructure, Power on April 13, 2010 by brandon314

Looking a few ex-military generators…I love recycling old stuff!

MEP-006A model…some are trailer mounted, some aren’t. The air-brake requirement for the trailer mounted ones would be a bit challenging since the Unimog (pintle hitch) doesn’t have air-assist brakes.  At 5000+ lbs w/ trailer I’d like to be able to stop it 🙂

The alternative is skid mounted units at about 4100-4300lbs. Good for 60kW and turbocharged diesel powered.

Good for events, electricity experiments, or powering that toy in the middle of nowhere 🙂

Infrastructure win!