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The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments – 1960

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Not sure where I downloaded this but posting here for those than might want a little Chemistry 101, 1960’s style.

Note: a lot has changed in the ~60 years since the this book was published, proceed at your own risk. Posted for HISTORIC purposes only.


Download: thegoldenbookofchemistryexperiments.pdf


Icom W32A Handheld Manual

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Glenn Martin MT-1845 Tower Documentation

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I had a difficult time finding this documentation so I’ll post it here for anyone whom may need it in the future.


This is for a Glen-Martin (G-M) MT-1845 50ft crank-up ground-mount tower. This is the same tower found on their TT-1845 (trailer mounted 50ft tilt over tower), but with a base plate for direct ground mounting.

PDF Document for Base Plate/Concrete Requirements: Chb13-18

PDF Document for Tower Specification Drawings: MT-1845



MT-1845 1

MT-1845 2

Detroit Diesel – Lube Oil, Fuel, and Coolant Requirements

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Here is a quick link to a public documents released by Detroit Diesel. It took me awhile to find so hopefully this makes it a little easier for others.

Detoit Deiesel Coolant Selections

Detroit Diesel Lube Oil & Fuel Requirements

Detroit 6-71 Injector/Valve/Governor Adjustment Procedure

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Detroit 6-71 Valve, Injector, and Governor Adjustment Procedure

Webasto AT2000ST Service Manual

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Webasto AT200ST Service Manual (LIT9010439B)



Interesting note on this heater:

Recently ran some bad fuel through mine and unfortunately found out that the fuel metering pump does NOT like ‘thick’ fuel or algae running through it. These are often heater-specific fuel metering pumps and sealed units.  Acquired a replacement on e-bay and upon installing it found that the heater was throwing a glow pin fault code. Ran the diagnostics to find that the glow pin resistance was appearing ‘too low’ to the heater (even though it still turned glowing hot) so it would shut down.


I first found that there was a direct short showing between ground and the glow-pin source (through a FET to +12v). After analyzing the control module, I found a reverse protection diode had failed to short (probably the product of me trying to investigate the glow-pin operation and shorted/powered something). I replaced this with the reverse protection diode for the fuel metering pump and used a misc. SMD diode that I had on-hand to replace the failed one for the metering pump (a much less sensitively measured device). Now that the controller wasn’t seeing a short, I merely had to be concerned with the high (.6-.9ohm) resistance of the glow pin upsetting the controller. Book specifies somewhere around .4ohm.

I added two 21W light bulbs (an increased 2.4A load @ 12V…about 29W) and found that it didn’t complain about the resistance. I figure this fix will only last so long as the glow pin apparently is showing sings of giving up the ghost. Not very impressive for a heater that has less than 100hrs on it. The proper ‘fix’ if the glow pin is actually good (fault with the heater’s measurement circuit) would be to install a couple 15-20W 20ohm resistors in parallel to shed the load in a non-illuminating way.


Photos of the Webasto AT2000ST Control Module

Mercedes Benz 722.3 Transmission Manual

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722.3/722.4 Parts Diagram

722.3 Full Manual

Mitchell 722.3/722.5 Troubleshooting/Manual

Tracked these down so posting here for future reference.


Applies to late 300D, 300SD, 300TDT, 300TD, E300D, E350D, 300SDL, E300TDT, and various C/E/S Class.