Pre-Burning Man 2011 Crunch on The Ghost

Hey all,

Just wanted to outline (for myself and others) what was completed/not-completed in the pre-playa crunch on The Ghost Project.

Big Mechanical Jobs Completed:

  • Overdrive Transmission Installed
  • Spring Brakes & Associated Plumbing (Thanks Eric!)
  • New Cylinder Head (4-valve)
  • Rebuild Jake Brakes Installed
  • Tall Valve Cover Acquired and ‘Customized’
  • Black Water Tank Welded Up & Installed
  • Toilet Installed/Plumbed
  • Shower Floor/Drain Built
  • Bed Installed/Completed
  • Kitchen Countertop Finished
  • Kitchen Sink & Faucet Installed
  • Stove Installed
  • Refrigerator Mounted
  • Pressure Water System Built
  • Water Heater Installed
All of the above are the ‘big items’ that were completed and as you can image, had smaller subsets of projects that surrounded them (for example, all the body modifications required to make the larger transmission fit and connect up).
The clear most difficult task was the transmission mating/parts scouring/drivetrain setup. The head required some special rack components that we did not have to run the injectors, so there was a lot of futzing around there as well. The water system and interior bits just took a lot of time and in some cases, a bit of money to complete. I didn’t touch on the power system only because building a multi-voltage custom power system from scratch is not something that can be hurried though with the expectation of quality that I desire.
More updates later about our journey to come!

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