Tower, is mine…among other things!

So, couple weeks ago replaced the starter in the ex-security guard’s Ranger pickup, and fixed some wiring snafu in the engine compartment (was loosing power to ECU/coil pack). The tower is now mine. 🙂

Another score came about after some scrap guys were cutting through conduit with a reciprocating saw and blew the blade off their saw. Since the whole site has been powered down to prevent injury to the scrappers, this came at a bit of a surprise to the guys. Turns out there was two 120VDC battery banks placed throughout the mill to power emergency lighting and signs.

The trade? Disable the battery systems (broke them down to about 30V packs) so that they could safely be moved off the premises…into my waiting hands 🙂 So I scored about 1500-1900lbs in sealed lead acid batteries…basically brand new. And a charger (120VDC out). Sounds like an electric car project in the making!

More later 🙂


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