So, an opportunity has recently presented itself.

I have had a 32ft narrow gauge tower in the air since 2001 holding up some various Ham Radio antenna (3-element 10/15/20m beam + rotator & a 20/40/80m home-brew trap wire antenna). It is a tower that requires guy-wires when cranked up, and is not something I REALLY want to move anywhere. Plus it is ~17ft collapsed.

I was offered, in trade for some automotive work, what I estimate at being a 40-45ft crank up potentially self supporting aluminium tower. No idea what it was doing in its previous life…but it is down, on the ground, ready to go. Yay!

I am thinking this, combined with some vehicle mounting, and a nice UHF folded dipole antenna, can give me a pretty nice setup for the UHF repeater toy I just acquired.  Command vehicle here I come.

I still want a pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder type tower for the Unimog 🙂


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