Itinerant UHF Licensing

I’ve been working lately on an application for licensing up some UHF frequencies (mainly Itinerant, Low Power, etc.) so I can have some breathing room on UHF commercial. I really don’t want to use a frequency coordinator (extra $$$ in someone else’s pocket), but it would be nice to have some freq to use for whatever.

I recently scored a Riton RRX-450 UHF 5Mhz split repeater…so I am super stoked about that. After some ‘hunting’ on the net, found some software, and used a ICOM programming cable to interface it with my USB port. Win! Fully programmable digitally synthesized UHF repeater, with duplexer. Even narrow band! (12.5kHz)

Out of curiosity I contacted one of the Frequency coordinators (office FCC appointed!) and they were very snarly towards my request. Perhaps actually having LMR background is intimidating. Either way, definitely not getting my dimes.


2 Responses to “Itinerant UHF Licensing”

  1. Can you program this Ritron to do 440 mhz ham band?

  2. Negative. The internal duplexer will not tune down below 450Mhz (I tried)

    Programming is limited as well (without hack/cracking) to 450Mhz minimum.

    Hope this helps.

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