The Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments – 1960

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Not sure where I downloaded this but posting here for those than might want a little Chemistry 101, 1960’s style.

Note: a lot has changed in the ~60 years since the this book was published, proceed at your own risk. Posted for HISTORIC purposes only.


Download: thegoldenbookofchemistryexperiments.pdf

BatteryShark UPS Battery Failures

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Fully charged 48 volt pack in an APC DLA3000RM2U. Individual measurements made on pack with light load. The two cells marked with “X” are failed badly and there is a 3rd weak cell. Weak/failed cells were moved to one series string upon discovery so that the UPS would pass a self-test without shutting completely down and risking system shutdown.

Batteries are <12mo old and have <5min of cumulative draw on them. Float charge voltage shown in last photo. System runs with 9-11% load.

Cell 1 – 12.20V


Cell 2 – 12.12V





Cell 3 – 12.11V


Cell 4 – 12.19V


Cell 5 (weak) – 11.88V


Cell 6 (failed) – 9.47V


Cell 7 – 12.09V


Cell 8 (failed) – 9.41V


Pack voltage back on-charge (54.5V)


Dickbutt .stl 3D Printing Files

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These were harvested from various sources that no longer allow them. Cudos to the rightful owners…may your legacy live on!

Hosted on google-drive. has all the .stl files I have within. Chess Set pieces and a dickbutt 2D -> 3D conversion.


Decoding Chinese RFID Ebay Auctions

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Some very basic (but very useful) notes regarding RFID products on Chinese ebay auctions for RFID readers. This includes wiegand receivers. This is mainly for the cheap RFID readers/cards/etc. found on e-bay.

  • If it says “ID” anywhere in the ad, 125Khz
  • If it says “IC” anywhere in the ad, 13.56Mhz.

The standards listed (14443A, M1Card, etc.) are used randomly even though the devices may not be compatible. It appears the fall-back is the ID/IC standard for whether your card is LF or HF. The likelihood of a dual-band reader existing on ebay is VERY VERY slim.


Ubiquti AirCAM Repair – Link but no GUI

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Hello all,

Quick note over here from the world of failing AirCAM’s. I recently had a 2nd failure of my exterior mounted AirCAM. Since the RMA process was coming up bunk I decided to attempt a repair myself. I run an electronics engineering lab so have access to equipment (hot-air reflow, metcals, etc.)

The camera under repair is one I had die in operation about about 3mo of continuous use. The camera was exhibiting a condition where it would link up (sometimes at 100BaseT, always at 10BaseT) but I could never reach the GUI or do anything but SOMETIMES ping the unit ( Flexing the PCB or agitating the camera didn’t seem to make a difference.

I opened up the camera (quite easy) buy removing the sun shield, unscrewing the lens cover, popping off the triangular face ring, and removing the black screws. Once removed, I could slide the camera/PCB board out of the body and engage in repair activities. The PCB/components are coated with what I suspect is an anti-moisture protector so make sure you have adequate airflow when doing any heating of the PCB.




I reflowed the small BGA package (U3) and touched the rest of the board with the hot air JUST in case there was a poor lead-free solder connection. Once reflowed, the camera snapped back to life (able to access the GUI, etc.)

As I’ve had issues with BGA components before (especially when using lead-free solder) I am not terribly surprised to see problems here. I’m happy to see that static electricity didn’t kill this device (apparently that is another common failure). My last camera would transit packets but not receive them (similar issue?)

Interesting side note that the device PCB has a USB connector site that can be populated. Not sure what for, but it’s there.

Hopefully these notes treat someone well. If you don’t have access to the right tools, I can help re-flow your failed AirCAM (if out of warranty) as a last resort. Contact me for details.

Icom W32A Handheld Manual

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Basic Battery Isolation Using Solenoid

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Dual Battery Isolater